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Planting Schemes And Ideas For Garden Designs

Key with planting schemes is to find a plant that works all year round. A dominant plant that works well with just about anything.

Ideally you will have an area large enough to accommodate your dominant plant or ‘Power Plant’ as well as some room for other minor plants and shrubs. It’s about repetition and a patterns that works in any given space.

It’s super important to understand the plants you are using before you decide to use them in your planting scheme. Think about how each plant will complement the other.

planting schemes

Think about the shape and flow of your garden. How do you see your garden in your mind’s eye? It’s good to get an overall vision of how your garden will look once it’s in full bloom but also when the Seasons change. It won’t always look the same so bear this in mind when choosing your planting scheme.

By the mere fact that you are thinking of designing you very own planting scheme you are most probably confident with you gardening and planning ability. If you’ve stumbled across my website accidentally but like what you see and think I might be able to help you with your scheme then please do drop me a line.