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Welcome to my new blog, and thank you for taking the time to read it. I am a garden designer and horticulturalist, as well as a mother and creative person – passionate about design, architecture, plants, animals and the environment in which we all live. I have worked in the horticultural industry for about 25 years, and have had my own business, The Garden Goddess, based in Bath, for the last 14 years. I have also lived in Cornwall, on the north coast near to St Just – a wild and beautiful organic space that is shaped by the elements. I love the creative process that comes with designing gardens and working with plants.

As a designer, my favourite creative space is outside – whether it’s regenerative pruning, reshaping borders, or sometimes working with just the eye to create the right balance in a space. I love the immediate effect and positive results from designing gardens, and I personally take charge of the soft landscaping side, working with local landscapers for the main build, as well as local trade nurseries, and further afield, to create a positive working relationship with all businesses.

Gardens are a personal space, and it is important to me to create something to be used all year round. But gardens are also for the wider environment: I only ever work organically, and believe it is important not to use chemicals, rather to take a step back and allow our gardens to create a natural balance of pests and predators. We can always lend a helping hand in times of need, but allowing pests also allows predators to thrive – from birds to lacewings and ladybirds, and honeybees and bumblebees to solitary bees and wasps.

Our gardens are an extension of our indoor living spaces: what is better than using your garden as another room, however small, sitting on some comfy and well-chosen furniture. Believe me, I know as my garden is only big enough to accommodate two cushioned chairs and a small coffee table. But it is how you create the space, and in this hectic world, gardens can be enough to make you slow down, watch and listen.

I was once asked, would you rather have a big house with small garden, or small house with big garden: for me it was a no-brainer – it had to be the latter – what would it be for you?
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