Garden Design And Consultation

Welcome to The Garden Goddess portfolio. I hope you enjoy what you see, every client is different with their wishes and amount of time spent maintaining a garden will vary greatly. The planting in a garden is never static and will constantly evolve over time, however the hard landscaping is but by blending the two seamlessly we create beautiful gardens for you to enjoy for years to come. If you like what you see, we would be delighted to hear from you. 

From terraced gardens to courtyard designs I have transformed and created every style of garden in Bath that you can imagine. I love the creativity that manifests when I start thinking about a garden and how it might look. After liaising with you I will come up with the perfect garden design for your space. Some clients want lots of input and some leave it all to me. I am happy to work either way. If afterwards you want my continued support then I can work on an ongoing basis, keeping your new garden design looking as amazing all year around.


The Urn Garden

The Living Roof

Double Garden Design Project

Country Garden

The Terraced Garden

The Long Front Garden

The Modern Living Garden