Modern Living Garden

This exciting garden design was created for a new build property. It was an exciting project to create for the clients, a garden that tied it to the house and using the same materials that had been used in the construction. It gave them a garden that did not require too much high maintenance but gave them a good outdoor space to entertain, the grandchildren to play and to still grow some salad leaves and herbs for the kitchen. The shed is an essential area for storage and here it blends perfectly into the design.

It was a dreary dull space to begin with but with the injection of a strong planting palette and a pale colour on the block wall, it transformed the space. Structure and colour in the planting was very important and as always with my garden designs my clients get a monthly care maintenance package to guide even the most novice gardener into engaging and looking after their garden or passing it onto their regular maintenance gardener.

A pergola gives a good seating area that is shaded with added slats on the top and in time the Betula Jacquemontii multi stem will give height to the rear of the garden and bring in the birds.

The planting took place in April and the After shots were taken later in the summer in the same year. All plants established well due to the preparation of the soil and being the right plant for the right place. Over time some may need some control due to loving their conditions too much, but this is the joy of having a garden - always changing - never static.